What We Do

vines-on-earth As we all know, there is still a heated debate between believers and non-believers about the existence of climate change, but it is already proven by science as a real occurrence. In fact, climate change is happening NOW. Climate Change Clinic is a non-profit organization that aims to spread the awareness on climate change and what it can do to change our environment and humans’ future. Furthermore, the organization is collaborating with environmental scientists to help find a solution to this worsening crisis. Currently, we are soliciting help from other institutions so that we can still save Mother Earth from its impending doom.

Climate Change Clinic is a diverse community in which anyone with the heart to be part of it can be a part of. Our members include scientists, lawyers, teachers, engineers, architects, agriculturists, and even students from primary schools. The organization annually leads forums, conferences, and fund-raising activities so that the awareness would spread as quick as possible, and so we can help improve the environment’s condition as fast as we can. Our resource speakers for these activities are professionals from the field of environmental science who strongly agree with the organization’s views about climate change. The resource speakers also update us with the happenings in our ozone layer, and our Mother Earth.

The organization is a fast-growing community, but we still need more people to work with us in our eco-friendly endeavors. After all, there is no such thing as too many saviors of the Earth. If you are interested in being a new member of Climate Change Clinic, we are always open and available for your participation. Please visit our Membership page to learn about the details of signing up. The Climate Change Clinic is excited to work with you in replenishing our ozone layer and saving the world!

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