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Ways to Reduce Climate Change


Thinking about the future with the worsening climate change can be really distressing. But humankind should not lose hope, because there are still ways that can fight climate change. These could sound like very small ideas, but if all the people in the world would do them, the world can still hope to be saved. Here are some ideas on how to reduce the effects of climate change:

  • Plant trees. This is one important activity that has been neglected by the majority of the world’s population. A lot of industries make use of plants and trees for their own profit, but few only succeed in returning the favor. But lately, the number of tree planting projects has increased.
  • Practice the 5R’s: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose, and Recycle. A few years ago, people were informed about the 3R’s: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. Now they have added two more. Aside from reducing the amount of garbage, using plastic containers and bags again, and transforming them into aesthetic or functional works, people are now instructed to refuse getting unnecessary things and giving additional functions to used materials. The guys from can help you out
  • Practice energy conservation. It can be observed that during Earth day, people are requested to turn their lights off and leaving their energy-powered appliances and devices. People can actually live with this rule for themselves if they try. Putting your energy consumption to a minimum level can mean greater things for the world’s climate.
  • Buy products that do not need too much energy or fuel. This is directly connected to the previous idea. Instead of opting for an electric brush, people should use the manual toothbrushes. It would not hurt to revert back into moving arms and fingers like we always did.
  • Buy food with biodegradable or reusable packaging. Food technology has been upgraded in the past years, and food with biodegradable packaging are now existing. One food technologist even created edible utensils! If you cannot find them, it would be best to buy products with recyclable packaging.
  • Avoid using fossil fuelled vehicles. Using too much of fossil fuels increase the amount of greenhouse gases, thus the need to avoid it. Also, fossil fuels are mixed with chemicals that can affect our environment’s safety.
  • Replace your old appliances with eco-friendly ones. Opt for CFC and HCFC-free appliances, particularly with refrigerators and air conditioners. Various selection of these eco-friendly appliances are available in the market.
  • Insulate your home properly. Make sure that the home is clean, well-ventilated, and shielded from potential trapping of greenhouse gases. Putting plants beside air conditioners and the like is also recommended.
  • Invest on solar panels or solar-powered devices. To take advantage of solar energy, transforming your home into a solar-powered one can prove to be one of the best choices for the environment and living in general. People can ditch their electric bills and save the world from climate change at the same time. The sun does not need to be out to make your appliances and devices work. The energy is stored on the panels for longer usage of the technology.
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