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Scientific Predictions on Climate Change and the Future

It has been established that climate change has a major impact in the lives of human beings for the whole stretch of the 21st century. Our ancestors never had an idea that climate change will ever happen, but luckily our science and technology have advanced greatly. There are certain predictions on how climate change will change the world within the century, and these are credibly theorized by NASA climate scientists:


  • Earth will be much warmer in the next years. According to the current updates on climate change, the average global temperature is nearing 38 degrees Celsius and it will be much hotter in the upcoming years. Compute the remaining decades in the 21st century and you will get the idea.
  • Summers will be hotter and longer, while winters are hotter but shorter. Currently, the world is undergoing this change, but it will drastically change in the next years to come.
  • Heavy rain will be regular. The heavy precipitation and evaporation encourage more water vapour in the atmosphere, thus heightening the results of the greenhouse effect.
  • There will be changes in a person’s allergic reactions. In general, people get different allergies depending on the season and the organisms that go with them. Allergic reactions may become more severe and longer than the usual conditions.
  • The plants that live in your backyard may change. The plants that live within an area heavily depends on the area’s climate, thus climate change can affect how these living things will prosper near people’s territories. The usual routes of insects like bees and butterflies can also be affected, thus affecting the usual plants’ population.
  • The animals and insects you see in your neighbourhood might be replaced by different ones. Migratory animals and insects will change their habitats if the area’s climate changes drastically. If the changes are minor, they will probably be adapting to them to sustain their usual lifespans.

  • Street flooding will be regular in coastal areas. Climate change makes the sea levels rise higher than the usual, and this will affect the flow from surrounding bodies of water. Areas near the sea, ocean, lakes, and rivers will be greatly affected. In addition, the usual traffic flow in the streets will be adjusted to prevent traffic blockages.
  • The storms in autumn will affect the severity of erosions. Erosions can be detrimental to motorists, passers-by, and also homes situated in higher altitudes. The typographical terrain of all the continents will be altered by these erosions.
  • The oceans will become more acidic. The bigger bodies of water are in contact with more greenhouse gases and acidic substances from beneath the ocean, thus the possibility of heightened acidity. There may be a time that human body contact with seawater will be out of the question.
  • Extreme weather forecasts will be intensified. As the other listed predictions have entailed, our daily weather forecasts will be more intense than the usual sunny and stormy days.
  • Islands will disappear. Due to the rising sea levels, the bodies of water will later on drown the smaller and flatter islands in the world. More countries may get submerged as much as Venice is now.

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Several people may think that some of these changes may be beneficial, but that is only true for a short time. In the long run, climate change will do more harm than benefit the different aspects of human life. It would be best to act now and make changes in lifestyle. Avoiding the production of greenhouse gases and improving the ozone layer should be the focus of the whole world to save us from the drastic changes that are bound to happen.

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