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Saving Nature Through Environment-Friendly Pest Control

Chemical pesticides have long been used to remove pests that are destroying crops and infrastructures. Although there are benefits, the damages made by chemical pesticides to the environment are alarming. The pesticides don’t choose where they land. They pollute the air, soil, and water thereby affecting all living creatures.

Pesticides can kill even the good insects, such as bees. Without these pollinators, we can lose the plants and the crops these insects pollinate, resulting in the lack of food supply, not just for animals but humans, too. These chemical pesticides also cause poisoning and illness to people, especially to kids.

But the need to eliminate pests cannot be ignored as they pose health repercussions as well. Fortunately, the awareness on the destructive effects of pesticides is growing, and plenty of advocates have started to choose environment-friendly solutions to eliminate pests. In fact, pest control companies in Bakersfield, have begun to incorporate green pest control options in their pest management programs. You can visit website to know more about this nature-friendly pest control options.

On the other hand, remember that prevention is the primary step in pest control. Pests are present because the environment is conducive to their growth. As such, always keep your surroundings clean to eliminate the food and water source for these pests. Make sure that you dispose of your waste properly. Even if you clean your area, if your trash is hanging exposed outside your yard, it will still attract pests to your home.

Maintaining your property will also ensure that pests cannot enter your house. Always inspect cracks and crevices around your home that can let the pests inside. Fix leaky pipes and unclog any drainage that can harbor mosquitoes. These are basic sanitation practices that can save you from pests. Read more about sanitation and cleaning – here.

In addition, these are environment-friendly materials that you can use together with your pest management program.

  • Mouse Traps – This good old trap is still used and commercially available. You just need to place it where the rodents usually travels. You can use food or nesting material as the bait.

  • Fly Lights – It is a lamp that uses ultra-violet light to attract flies to a sticky board inside it. You can place this device in places where flies frequent.
  • Pheromone Traps – Pheromones are secretions used by insects to communicate. This trap uses a synthetic kind of pheromones to lure the pests.
  • Repellants – This is not your usual spray can insect repellant. You need to use repellant that contains Pyrethrins and Silica Gel. Pyrethrins are extracted from flowers and affect the nervous system of pests. The Silica dries the insects out once t exposed to the gel.

These are just some ways to control pests in the urban setting. Government plays a significant role in regulating the use of pesticides on farms, where it is prevalent. The government regulation can help ensure that pesticides are not used to the point of destroying Mother Earth for the sake of profit.

It is great that organic farming is taking root and more customers are willing to pay a premium for organic food. By being a picky consumer, we are showing our care for the environment and that the source of our food matters.


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