The Climate Change Clinic collaborates with environmental scientists and other fields so that we could hasten the safety of our world from climate change. We also accept donations from anyone who is willing to help attain our eco-friendly cause. Here is the list of our on-going research collaborations.

  • Updates on the Arctic Ice

For many years, the ice from the north and south poles’ ice caps has been melting, all because of the earth’s temperature getting warmer and warmer. The major temperature change is caused by a global climate change, and it can still worsen in the next fifty years. A closer observation of the arctic ice is needed to detect the more severe signals of the occurrence, so that the human race can be prepared for it.

  • Ozone Layer Improvement and Management

According to contemporary researches, the ozone layer can be repaired but it will take time and money to accomplish that. This research aims to help aid the on-going global action to manage our ozone layer to its original and complete form.

  • Eco-friendly Appliance Quality Assurance

It is high time that we should only buy appliances and other things that are not harmful to the environment in any way. This research is led by engineers and environmental scientists who check different appliance brands regarding their eco-friendly qualities.

  • Technological Advancement for Environmental Protection

Using existing technology for the environment is one thing; creating new tools is another. The research was started for the invention of new technological apparatus that can help hasten the work of environmental scientists against climate change.

  • Identification of the Climate Change Victims

It is focused on the people, animals, plants, and other organisms that are affected by climate change, particularly on the negative. The research aims to understand the further effects of climate change to the world, and to solve issues that occur.

For donations, please e-mail us at for more details. Thank you for helping to save the world!

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