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How Climate Change Came to Be

Some people are trying to dismiss it, while some are trying to prove it. The long and heated debate about the existence of climate change can really make one think if it really is there or not. A person may simply ignore this debate because it does not affect him or her directly. A person may also deny its existence because it is not a convenient thing to think about. However, not thinking about climate change does not take away the fact that it is there. Climate change is a real and dangerous occurrence in the world, and it will not take long before it consumes the whole of it.

How exactly did climate change start and worsen? According to our climate scientists, the main cause of the climate change is the greenhouse effect and its expansion by none other than humans. The greenhouse effect is in place when a planet like Earth traps heat in our atmosphere. The trapping of heat is caused by atmospheric gases like chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, methane, and even water vapor. Carbon dioxide has been increased in the atmosphere due to cutting of trees, wrong manipulations of land, and burning plastics and other non-biodegradables. Methane is produced in abundance during waste decomposing, and livestock waste management. Increased nitrous oxide is caused by organic and commercial fertilizers, burning fossil fuels and biomass, and producing nitric acid. Chlorofluorocarbons, however, are synthetically made and are found in appliances and other products used by humans. The CFCs are considered to be a major contributor to the greenhouse effect.


Due to this, Earth constantly heats up its environment more. Cold areas will be happy to have that, but some countries do experience a sweltering day coming up to almost 60 degrees Celsius! Some countries will lose water, while some will add more. There will be major changes in the precipitation, and evaporation cycles, and this will greatly affect the agricultural and economic aspects of the areas. The ice caps from the poles are already melting, too, so higher sea levels and disappearing islands are probable.

Aside from the greenhouse effect, the sun is also pinpointed as a possible cause to climate change. This possibility is aided by various scientific researches on the world’s history, particularly during the Little Ice Age between the 1650s and 1850s. However, the greenhouse effect is still making the lower atmosphere warmer than the higher parts because of the long-lived gases stuck in the area.

In conclusion, the climate change can benefit or harm a continent or a country, depending on its preceding status and the changes it will undergo. The 21st century will be a hundred years of drastic changes, and the human race should be prepared to face them. Updating yourself and others about the present signals and effects of climate change, while having an eco-friendly dos and don’ts list would be best to step up your preparations for the major changes that will occur. Information dissemination and proactivity are keys for completely saving Mother Earth.

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