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Climate Change and Pesticide Use

Ah, climate change, the most popular topic in the world! Let’s try to talk about its effects on farming and pesticide use. There has been little connection between pesticide use and climate change when you look at it in a way where the pesticide is the cause. But when you flip it, you see a correlation between the increases in pesticide use due to climate change. Upon checking with a few friends, I found that the widely used pesticide does little to increase the effects of greenhouse gasses.

When you look at the effect of climate change, an increasing amount of bugs and pests have been found due to perfect conditions for breeding. This requires most farmers to release more pesticide into the atmosphere, which though does not directly contribute to climate change, it could affect species of bugs required in pollination; reducing the numbers of oxygen producing plants, contributing to the increase of greenhouse gasses. Check out these guys.

This is alarming, as the reduction of pesticide use is not possible due to the need for food production; we have currently trapped ourselves in a loop that might end terribly for us. Fortunately, through the production of more precise pesticides and the reduction of CO2 emissions, there is still a chance for us to break the chain.

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